Maureen Merrill

Professional Coach

It’s my passion to coach motivated people who are committed to creating lives of balance, fulfillment, and potential.

About Maureen

Personal and professional confidence, along with life balance and fulfillment, is essential to the work that my clients and I do together.  Most of our coaching focuses on clarifying life choices and perspectives that take us to the future you envision. We place personal values and individual strengths upfront so that we can see and design the next steps – for this week or for life.

With an academic grounding in psychology and a lifetime in business, I evolved my professional life toward coaching as a natural expression of my skills, commitments, and experience. 

My Professional Journey


Business & Community

Life, Transitions, and Leadership Coaching

My job is to help you identify your goals, develop an achievable plan for success, and stay motivated as you work towards achieving them. I believe in the power of positive thinking, self-reflection, and hard work—and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Design your own destiny

Navigating Life: Changes in Life, Work, Passions and Purpose

Stepping into a new leadership role? Trying to choose between career opportunities? Navigating clashes of dreams, needs, and wants? Shifts in a living situation?

These challenges offer rich opportunities; they deserve your time and attention. In transition coaching, you create and choose paths based on your values and deep wishes for the direction of your life.

Coaching Can Help You With:

Find Confidence With Your Professional & Personal Life

Find clarity by identifying what’s important to you

Make your largest decisions based on your values

Create a future based on your values

Find the word for what’s in your heart


Life landmarks occur from youth onward. One aspect of a happy life is looking ahead with optimism through a lens of confidence and preparation.

I believe everyone...

is creative, resourceful, and ready to keep growing in their own ways at their best pace.

gets stuck now and then. We all have little “saboteurs” and voices in our heads to contend with. 

needs resources, support and objective listening. 

can live an even more fulfilling, pleasing, and contributing life. 

Aging Happily

Reaching the age of 30 … or 60 or 42 or 76 can be fraught—with excitement and trepidation or both. At times, our future seems to arrive sooner than expected, in the form of major birthdays and life landmarks. It’s not unusual to greet these with more surprise than preparation – even though we know well that change is the law of nature. Coaching helps you envision and choose the priorities that express your true desires.




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