One-to-One Coaching

Coaching is an alignment between us in support of your agenda.  To see if it would be beneficial for us to work together, we could set up a conversation or a sample coaching session with no obligation.  Typically, clients come into coaching with interests in the following areas:

Life fulfilment and balance

Health and vitality (see Special Note below)

Transitions to and through career retirement

Leadership confidence — for assuming new roles or enhancing current effectiveness

Major choices in life, profession or career path


Special Note on Health and Vitality Coaching

For most of us, health and vitality are central to the energy we need for happiness and life accomplishment — and to create vibrant, fulfilling lives.  Often, unexpected solutions arise from shifts in the habits and practices that impact energy and liveliness.  This is highly individual, best approached on your own terms.  As a former health club owner (and weight-lifting champion) and as one who has also achieved physical balance after experiencing weight struggles, I’ve been naturally drawn to helping people on their own journeys of vitality and fitness.

Additional Services

Board, Partner and Team Retreats

Custom facilitation of planning retreats, team development days, and board skill-building is available for half-day, full-day or multi-day events.

Communication Confidence Workshops

The human animal isn’t naturally built to communicate easily and effectively in front of many pairs of staring eyes.  In fact, the situation can trigger primordial reactions such as fight, flight . . . and of course, freeze!   Any public speaking situation is easier and more effective when approached with confidence and preparation. There are many beauties of group training, and the most obvious one is the chance to practice with a built-in, supportive audience and coach.

Your Merrill workshop is custom-designed to focus on the specific results you want for your team.  For example: how best to work with different communication styles of co-workers and customers; leadership and management communication, personal confidence and presentation skills.

Interview and Personal Presentation Confidence

After started my practice in 2004 with a focus on these two areas, I have never lost my love for this part of my work.  I have coached successful interviewees for everything from volunteer leadership roles to high six-figure positions, from college admission interviews to major career advancement promotions.  The services includes, where appropriate, body language skills, personal image and self-presentation choices,  and, of course, preparing to make a memorable, authentic and effective impression.