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Maureen Merrill provides expert consultation and training for presentation, speech and communication in a variety of settings, through personal coaching or in groups.

Ask about:

  • Preparation for industry or promotional presentations, and client presentations
  • Preparation for media interviews and testimony before decision-making bodies
  • Special services for candidates
  • Materials preparation
  • Content writing and editing
  • Ways to manage the presentation environment

Interview Preparation

Harris Merrill Services - Interview Preparation

Most leaders are interviewed from time to time, whether by prospective clients, new employers or for promotions, or by media professionals. Don't go in cold!

Even the most experienced speakers do better with guided practice and confidential coaching.

Be sure that you and your team members are ready for all opportunities with a well-developed message and the personal presence to deliver it to best advantage.

"I consider myself a skilled public speaker, but when I had an interview for a life-changing position, I asked Maureen Merrill to help me prepare for the interview. Her expertise proved to be the key to my success. She asked the right questions at the right time. She had me start with the end in mind, and she coached me through the interview process with practice in answering questions in what was to be a very intimidating interview environment. And, yes, I got the job! Maureen knows communication, and perhaps more importantly, she knows how to teach it. I recommend Maureen Merrill highly for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking or interviewing skills."

Susan Cole

Wine Marketing & Sales Training

Retreat Facilitation

Hold a Retreat that Gets Results

Retreats, planning meetings, team-building days, times to talk, think and envision together - these are practical ways to raise productivity. A career as a financial officer for several small businesses convinced Leah Hansen of this:

"When people are communicating effectively across functions and roles, you really see it in the bottom line. From my vantage point I can attest that it takes special effort to make that happen, and it's worth it."

Maureen Merrill is an experienced facilitator, one who cares about your success, and knows how to include each participant in lively, frank conversation. Before the retreat, we'll discuss:

What result(s) do I want?

By the end of your event, do you intend to have produced a strategy, plan, and clarified goals? New practices and fresh focus? Sharpened communication skills, higher levels of camaraderie and/or ownership? Clarified expectations? It might be some combination of those. Together, we'll structure the event toward your desired results.

Who goes?

Typically, those with shared purposes retreat together. Choose participants based on furthering your purpose, and based on how teams work in your organization. How specific do you want to get? Who will be responsible for the action steps to follow? Do you need different sessions for different teams, or do you want to focus on a purpose shared across more than one team?

What type of retreat is best?

Some retreats are for developing a message; others aim to ensure that everyone understands your organization's mission, values and vision. You may want your group to clarify priorities and identify next steps. Retreats can also emphasize self-knowledge and insight into working with the strengths and tendencies of others. The amount of structure, discussion, and idea exchange should support your intended outcome.

How much time is needed?

Retreats can be four hours, a full day, or a couple of days. Anything less than four hours is more of a meeting than a retreat. If your purposes are long and detailed, it may be better to have a few retreats rather than one that goes on for days.

Call Maureen for a discussion of the possibilities for your retreat.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

Alan Lakein
Author, "How to Get Control of your Time and Your Life"

Speeches & Presentation Coaching

Harris Merrill Services - Speech and Presentation Coaching

Whether you address small conferences or a cast of thousands, we can help you craft your message, build confidence and achieve your communication goals with greater pleasure and effectiveness.

  • Workshops or Individual Sessions
  • Voice and Personal Speech Improvement
  • "Boot Camps" - standard or custom - fast-pace,
    fast results, practical and lively

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"I recommend this service for anyone who wants to polish a presentation to the public and get expert pointers on delivery."

Warin Parker
New York Life licensed representative
Past Mayor, Windsor, California

Team Communication

Team Communication Workshops

Maureen Merrill facilitates workshops, leadership retreats, motivation-building sessions and training.

  • Build effective communication for work groups/ teams.
  • Solutions for effective communication across personality and leadership styles.
  • Priority & goal-setting workshops and retreats

Train members of your organization to effectively represent your services, products and values. Or partner with us to resolve specific communication situations for individuals or urgent team projects. We're ready, experienced, flexible, and creative.

Presentations for Your Meeting or Conference

Maureen is a knowledgeable and experienced speaker and coach who has spoken to and facilitated large and small groups on a variety of topics. She is inspirational, motivational and upbeat - with a flair for creativity - and is adept at tailoring her message to your organization and topic.

"As the CEO of the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce and Director of Leadership Fortuna, I count on Maureen Merrill every year to join us in Fortuna and lead a weekend workshop on Leadership Styles. It's not just her knowledge of the subject--and she is tops in the field--it's also how she relates to the participants and her ability to get the most out of everyone in the room. She is so successful with the workshop we invited her to add Teen Leadership Fortuna to her client list.
Her Leadership Styles workshop always scores at the top of our Leadership program. Nobody does it better than Maureen!"

Erin Dunn, CEO
CEO, Fortuna Chamber of Commerce

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