Monthly Archives: January 2017

Refrain and Replace – “Banished Words” and What to Use Instead

Word definition in dictionary.

The annual ‘Banished Words” List, a favorite of mine, seeks to strike out nonsensical, over-used and tasteless expressions. 2016’s bad boys include bigly, dadbod, and guesstimate, and most of us can easily come up with better boys to use instead. The clever folks at Lake Superior State University, who have complied the offending terms for 42 years, don’t always offer alternatives to the words they want gone. This year, they do suggest “concentrate” or “look” in place of focus, a word that has perhaps lost itself.

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Productive Meetings Every Time

People Meeting Conference Seminar Audience Concept

“The purpose of meetings is not to talk – the purpose of meetings is to arrive at ideas, solutions, plans and decisions.”   —  Alexander Kjerulf, Happy Hour is 9 to 5

When we want most anything to go better, the basic how-to can be easy. Making the needed changes is much harder, so the problem persists. We all dislike boring, unproductive meetings.

In 2017, will we continue to complain, and struggle? Or could we make meetings valuable by adopting a few basic habits based on research and common sense?

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