Monthly Archives: October 2016

Sexist Communication: Just “Locker Room Banter”?


I’ve long disliked and decried casual profanity that’s become an unwanted aural intrusion on public communication almost every day. I recoil from the various jarring words that get tossed around no matter how many toddlers, reserved older ladies or impressionable kids are present. And at social events, I think: Come on! It’s a party! If you really look at most profane talk, you see that it’s almost always sexist, whichever gender engages in it.

When a fairly extreme example surfaced last weekend, I almost appreciated the negative response. People do care!? Then came the claim that it was simply “locker room” speech. So I asked male friends to comment on my personal Facebook and got an earful – mostly confirming my hunch that such extreme language is rare, as I’d hoped. (I’d also pointed out that as horrid as groping is, it’s also very rare.)

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