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Non-Verbal Confidence: Four Barriers to Remove on the Spot


Removing obstacles between communicators sounds like easy good sense to most of us.  Yet we often use various kinds of barriers to defend ourselves – against invasion of our space by stranger or too-fast intimacy with new acquaintances, or from simple exposure.   Since external and internal barriers are ubiquitous, its easy to let them stand even when they don’t serve our purposes.

A few quick hacks for removing barriers:

  • Drop the hands barrier.

The first thing that most speakers do is raise their two hands to the front of their stomach. Guess where the eyes of the audience go?  Right where we’d rather they not. The linked hands form a barrier that divides your body in half and imposes a physical and psychological barrier to the audience.

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A Touchy Subject… But What is Seen is Perceived

Young woman trying to choose a dress to wear holding up a red and yellow garment on a hanger with a look of indecision as she battles to make up her mind

It steps on toes and offends feelings and wrenches righteously held principles, but I’m saying it:  Dress matters.

Last week, I walked into a professional office to see impeccably tasteful furnishings and artwork attesting to the care, cash and thought that went into the surroundings. The colorful, comfortable décor extended from the reception area to the conference rooms and workspaces.  Large brass lettering and a brass company logo were affixed, gleaming, to the entry wall.  Someone had been paid to vacuum, dust, straighten and polish every surface and corner.  I recalled that the company’s website was equally well designed, curated and maintained.  As with so many workplaces, the pride taken in the visual environment was impressive and unmistakable.

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Hold a Retreat that Gets Results

0000 retreat image

Design a future, engage employees, do some training!

Why retreat?  For insight, ownership and energy

A planning meeting, a retreat, a team-building day or just time to talk and think together could make all the difference in your productivity.  A ‘retreat’ from the usual work environment can, as the saying goes, take you forward with fresh energy and deeper engagement.

In considering your retreat, ask:

What result(s) do I want?

It’s your retreat, so you choose what you want to have when it’s over:  A strategy, plan, and clarified priorities?  New practices and fresh focus?  Or sharpened communication skills, higher levels of camaraderie? Maybe it’s some combination of those.

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