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My Advice to the Candidates


Though none of the presidential hopefuls have called me yet, I have coached candidates for public office. Some were competing for votes from the people; others were prepping for an appointment interview (and would later need to win an election), but presentation skill is essential to success in either venue. I’ve also helped contestants for “Miss This or That” pageants, and the challenge is not much different!

Here’s what I advise all candidates who need to connect with the public: Know yourself!

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Introvert Speakers: 5 Insights


My most recent Public Speaking Boot Camp was unusual in that all the participants but one identified themselves as “introverts”, and the one who didn’t said he leaned that way.

How do introverts use their natural strengths when speaking to a group, leading a discussion, or in any situation that puts them in the spotlight?

(A quick, general recap: introverts get their energy from being alone or with one to a few trusted others, while extroverts thrive on interaction with others.  A person with a preference for introversion may or may not feel “shy” and it has nothing to do with whether they are affable, snotty or confident.  One gets to know an introvert more slowly than an extrovert. Many introverts adopt extroverted behaviors in the workplace or elsewhere, when they see the need.)

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Nervous While Talking? 3 Signs and 3 Fixes


Talking too fast, funny voice, and fidgeting

These common signs of underlying nervousness can undermine your message. Everyone feels ill-at-ease, tentative, or anxious at times, especially when speaking, whether in conversation or as a presenter.  Since you can’t always predict your “nerves”, learn a few hacks in preparation to outwit them.

Sign #1:  You’re talking too fast.

Why it’s an issue:  Rapid speech reflects that nervous feeling that you have to get your message out before people lose interest.  Slower speakers sound more at ease, show greater confidence and are better understood.

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